Saturday, November 5, 2011

Things I wish I'd seen earlier.

Have to go back to the Lysander, the SOE stopped using the Halifax in '42.... Futurians: how awesomely perfect are they? I feel like I need to work them in somehow. The 39 World's Fair is all over the other book. Kind of early though, wonder if he could get in. His father is so a Theosophist. Not unknown in that social class, would put him in contact with someone from downtown like his mother (who is more of the Goldman school). I like the idea of the mother bringing the rabble-rousing radical communism, and the father bringing a tempering of pacifism and a spiritual overview to them. Lastly: it's odd considering that this was, in no way, the inspiration for the characters--but there was more of me and my sister in the scene i wrote about Gene and Reed than anything else I've written.

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