Wednesday, November 9, 2011

day nine, 9826

Sweet merciful crap, but it's been painful. Still, FINALLY I'm out of 1939, and to May 1940. Tomorrow the Battle for France begins. Here are some things I did to combat the writer's block I've had for the past few days. -asked most of my friends with art training about their school experiences; -Nichole told me to give him block, which helped -running, -watched lots of tv -ate donuts -long walks -wrote about 5-600 words in French. It seems like writing in French helps whenever there is a stoppage in, you know, the French bits. Duh. Kind of makes sense doesn't it? He also wrote a long letter about how nothing he did was right and that he was homesick. I felt the first one; remembered the second from my own experiences in France. No matter how much I loved it, still....

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