Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Day Six, 7051

it's far too late for me to still be awake... it's going okay. I'm somewhat behind, but not so much that I've given up hope completely.

I'm finding it easy to write about 800-1000 words per day. Anything above that is very painful. Althought the first 400 words are definitely the slowest. I think if I were to give myself 45 minutes to an hour every day, I could really get some work on.

Also, I couldn't write on Sunday. I needed the day off. So I'm thinking I will need to do that every once in a while. I'm considering taking Sundays off in general.

I have about one chapter done (20 pages, or thereabouts). It's 7051 words--and I'm supposed to have 10003 by today. Oh well.

I haven't given up yet. I hope, even if I don't get the 50000 words, that I don't give up at all. The story just might not need that many words.

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