Thursday, November 1, 2007

Day One, 1924 words

Okay, first day down.

Had a slow part. Added a new element to the story I liked.

I knew Zorashi would be there, but didn't realize Highbourne would show up.

I had an idea of what my general plot would be--what the question I would follow, or that my characters would follow, would be.

But I added a new element into it. Might have it come back. I liked it a lot, would give a foil, but I'm worried it would be too "handlebar mustache, tied to the train tracks" type melodrama.

Nothing wrong with melodrama. It just has to be good.

The hardest thing today was STOPPING. I guess i"m worried about burnout. This is about process. This is about process.

Process and Completion, Process and Completion
Done is Good.

There. Now I have mantras.

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