Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Foyle's War

Been watching Foyle's War, cause, you know, umm... research? What I find interesting about it is that it truly highlights the contemporary subtext of detective-as-priest; moreover, I find it interesting that the driver character's actual father is an actual vicar, and her surrogate father is a surrogate priest. At one point there is even a moment where he talks to a woman who believes her brother is wrongly accused and there are many discussions of him possibly helping her cope with it should her brother be guilty. He speaks of doing what is right; his morality is unimpeachable; people are driven to confess to him. No one, not even doctors, face chaos in modern life (or is it just pop culture?) as do detectives. But often this is coupled with isolation. More than a priest, a detective may be closer to a shaman: appeasing the capricious spirit of justice, descending into the depths, completely alone. Also, chain lightning. Ok, maybe tasers? So they're enhance maybe, dual wield something something. I also admit I like all the Spitfires. I'd kvell for some Lysander footage. I would.

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